Camden County Woman Readers Are Educated Consumers

It was clothing retailer Sy Syms, founder of Syms Corporation, who coined the phrase, “An educated consumer is our best customer”.

I am continually reminded of this truism every time an advertiser tells me that their message reaches “a more educated consumer” in Camden County Woman.

The term “prosumer” has been around for many years. Though not widely recognized outside the marketing world, a “prosumer” is a proactive consumer. Whether it’s health care, clothing, electronics or automobiles, these educated consumers do their homework before making purchasing decisions. Without question, our readers are definitely “prosumers”!

Women make or influence more than 80 percent of all consumer purchases. As this issue goes to press, I am immersed in an informative and entertaining book about the world’s most powerful consumers… WOMEN! Bridget Brennan’s Why She Buys is a must-read for anyone who does, or wants to do business with these influential consumers. To quote Brennan, “women have never been more powerful in terms of their buying power.”

As Canden County Woman celebrates 11 years in print, we continue to fulfill our mission of providing women with informative articles for their education, awareness and enjoyment. I am so grateful to our contributors for sharing their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields with our readers in each issue! Their wisdom empowers our readers to make educated and informed decisions for themselves and their families.

Our high quality, glossy magazine with interesting articles and localized content, is available FREE of charge (yes, some of the best things in life are still FREE) in Genuardi’s and ShopRite Supermarkets and in more than 250 locations throughout Camden County. For a list of locations click here.

I could not agree more with the late Mr. Syms: Educated consumers are the best customers.

Thanks for reading!

—Ingrid Edelman, Publisher

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