Multiple Therapies in One Location Offer Convenience and Results

Let’s face it; as we get older, more and more things start to hurt. The baby-boomer generation has come to accept the fact that exercise and increased physical activity are essential to living a better life and to “growing old gracefully”. The practice of physical therapy being only for musculoskeletal injury is a thing of the past. The widely accepted and new model of physical therapy adopts a more holistic and preventative approach. The emphasis has turned from focusing on injury to addressing functional limitation. For many people, they do not know something is wrong until they can no longer do the activity that brings them joy; be it gardening, dancing, or taking long walks in the park. Pain becomes the dictator of daily life which causes limitations. These functional limitations can become so significant that for many they are a frustrating impediment to living life.

For these reasons, it is advantageous to have a team of professionals with varying fields of expertise working together in one facility with a common goal of treating the whole patient (not just a “body part”). With this vision clearly in mind, John Marmarou, MSPT, founded Total Rehab and Fitness.

“At Total Rehab and Fitness, we operate based on what is called a multidisciplinary model. By offering physical, occupational, speech and behavioral therapies we are able to address all the needs of our patients. We pride ourselves on successful outcomes; whether you need one therapy or multiple therapies, it’s all here for you. We take the time to truly understand your medical history, current health conditions, goals and lifestyle and only then do we design an individualized plan of exercise care that will allow you to progress safely” states Marmarou.

Another unique feature that Total Rehab and Fitness has to offer is an exclusive Maintenance Program. All too frequently, patients are discharged prematurely due to insurance issues. TRF considers it premature if the patient has not returned to his or her prior level of function. Even when discharged appropriately, patients often are left to return to the very habits and lifestyles that probably caused the need for therapy in the first place. TRF offers every patient the opportunity to continue their program, under the supervision of a licensed therapist, for a nominal monthly fee. The result has emerged into a “medical gym” of sorts, and has achieved unparalleled success in proliferating long term results. In this way, exercise becomes a way of life rather than a “quick fix” to be abandoned once therapy ends.

In short, Total Rehab and Fitness is in the business of changing lives. “Our patients get results because they are our priority. The results we achieve are aimed at returning our patients to a pain-free lifestyle,” reports Marmarou. This approach to result-oriented patient care is changing the face of therapy. How can Total Rehab & Fitness help improve the quality of your life?

Visit our website at to see our patient testimonials and hear their success stories.  Pictured in photo left to right: Physical Therapist John Marmarou, Occupational Therapist Amanda DiGiovani, Behavioral Therapist John Armando and Speech Therapist Ethel Coppa.


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