St. Andrew’s Nursery School and Kindergarten Offers Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten Enrichment for Fall 2010

The anticipated event is finally here! Five candles on the birthday cake are lit and blown out, and the criteria for entrance to Kindergarten are met!  That’s it?  Should there be more?? 

Absolutely!!  Age isn’t the only factor to be con-sidered.  The whole child must attend kindergarten. That includes not only adequate intellectual capabilities, but also social maturation and physical and emotional readiness.

If a child is not “ready” in any one of these areas, it is our strong belief at St. Andrew’s Nursery School & Kindergarten (voted a winner as the “Best in South Jersey” by the Inquirer and the Courier Post – 8 years) that the child should be given the gift of time – another year to develop and mature.  For a child who is not developmentally ready, kindergarten can lead to frustration and failure.  Childhood should be a journey, not a race.

Many first time parents are shocked when their child enters kindergarten, and he/she is expected to master a curriculum that resembles what the parents did in first grade. Most kindergartens today have competitive, advanced curricula that can be very stressful to a five year old. 

At St. Andrew’s, we offer a Transitional Kindergarten, which emphasizes first hand experience and discovery through individual involvement, and the curriculum is specifically designed to meet the individual needs of each child. The primary outcome of the class is to use academic skills to develop the whole self, which is imperative for success in future schooling.  The program is planned to emphasize exploration in the fields of reading readiness, language arts, number concepts, science, fine and gross motor activities, music and art.

KINDERGARTEN ENRICHMENT will also be offered in September. It includes the forgotten FUN part of kindergarten, and it will also reinforce the academic skills your children are learning in their regular kindergarten class. This program enhances a child’s public or private kindergarten by adding experiences that will enrich their skills — academically, emotionally, physically and socially.

The Enrichment Program includes math, reading readiness, language arts, science, physical activities, music and creative arts. It encourages the development of positive self-esteem as children see themselves as readers, writers, artists, dancers and singers… and so much more!

Our other classes for children, ages 18 months to 4 years, also have limited openings available for September.  Inquiries are welcome, and inspection of the school facility is encouraged. 

For a brochure or for more information, call the school office at 856-429-4470 or visit us at


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